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Dreamers of Dreams 20 - World - Renowned Hungarian Inventions

What we do in this project
Creative Consulting
Research /Analysis
Graphic Design
UX / UI Design

We are proud to have been able to work on the digital presentation of such a unique exhibition as Dreamers of Dreams 20. The exhibition has been the subject of enormous interest during its almost one-year opening, with countless media coverage and an incredible number of visitors, over 160,000, proving how many people have been reached by this unique experience.

About the client

Curious explorers who set foot on new lands, engineers who realised their ideas, scientists who dived into the mysteries of the universe. They showed the world what only they had seen before, or dreamed possible. This is the experience that the Dreamers of Dreams 20 aims to offer its visitors, opening 20 years after the first exhibition, with an entirely new collection of exhibits. The exhibition was organised by Millenáris.

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.

designers working
graphic desinger working on laptop
The Challenge

After a 20-year break, it's not just a matter of putting on the exhibition, but of making sure that the word gets out. That's why it's no small task to design the web interface for an event of this size. All this while Covid was still in full swing. The task was given: together with the developers of Splendex, we had to create a website that would present the exhibition programme in a clear and transparent way, and would provide immediate information about current events/changes.

The solution

Before we started work, we did some research on how other events reacted to the disruption caused by Covid. We browsed several websites and found the best solutions in museums abroad. Based on these, we started designing the interface and worked closely with the client's team. Throughout the process we came up with a number of ideas and solutions to solve a particular problem, but we also had to take into account the relatively tight deadline to deliver the site before the exhibition opened.

The hero section was designed to give the visitor the most basic information straight away, but we also thought about the usual hero scrolling effect, so we placed a floating block immediately below the hero section, where the most important and latest events/news were placed. It was important that the user could navigate quickly through the site and get all the information they were interested in as quickly as possible.


From a UX point of view, one of the main problems was the group appointment booking, which was finalised after lengthy negotiations. The problem was multifaceted, as it had to be adapted to the client's existing system, but a clear interface had to be designed, as there were many variations on the conditions under which a group could book an appointment. In addition to this, we also had to ensure that the deliverable was feasible for the developers.

To achieve this, we carried out high fidelity prototype tests to eliminate any potential problems before development. In order to speed up development, a design system was also created for the site, so that the site, which consists of many elements, could be made available to the public with a shorter development time.

The result

The result is a wonderful exhibition, with a web backdrop that brings the exhibition up to the standard. In 2022 and 2023, the interactive exhibition of Hungarian geniuses and their inventions attracted more than 1,000 school groups from all over the country, in addition to over 100,000 individual visitors from more than 500 municipalities.

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